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Tennis Teams Dominate USA South

Bulletin: The men’s and women’s tennis teams were eliminated in the NCAA Atlantic South Regionals held May 8-10 in Virginia. In first-round action, the women shut out Alvernia, 5-0, before it fell to Washington & Lee, 5-0, a day later in Fredericksburg. After receiving a first-round bye, the men vanquished W&L, 5-3, and then lost to regional powerhouse Emory, 5-1, in Lexington.

(Editor’s Note: The following article was filed prior to the NCAA regionals.)

Women's TennisThe men’s and women’s tennis teams dominated the USA South Tourney held on the NCWC campus April 19, with both teams beating rival Methodist in the finals.

The men’s team won, 8-1, to cap an undefeated conference season and claim its seventh consecutive USA South title.

Senior Robert Kjellberg led the way as he beat MU’s R.J. Clement, 6-2, 6-1, in #1 singles action after teaming with fellow Swede Sebastian Sikh to win in doubles, 8-2.

Other singles winners were Fabio Pereira, Fernando Nardelli, Andres Gomez and Eduardo Ugalde. Sikh absorbed the only defeat, losing at #2 singles, 6-4, 6-4, to Taylor Buckholtz.  Click here to continue reading.


Freshman Honors Father, Who Died in Iraq

By Michael Taylor, Senior Staff Writer

Most college students are too young to know what it’s like to lose a parent or to even worry about such a thing happening. But Wesleyan freshman Angelika Henderson lives with this loss every day. She just observed the sixth anniversary of the death of her father, Sgt. William Robert Green, who was killed in action while deployed in Iraq. Henderson was only 13 years old at the time.Henderson

Henderson clearly remembers the day she heard the news about her father, who drove field artillery trucks in the Army. She was told by casualty assistance officers that were “sent the day when they found his body,” the Raeford native said. She related feeling devastated and speechless. “All I could do was hold my baby brother and cry.” Reminiscing, she related, “We always knew it was a possibility when my dad got deployed, but it doesn’t feel like it could really happen until it does.” Click here to continue reading.

Student Angelika Henderson with photo of her late father. G. Wallace photo

Winner of NCWC’s 2014-15 Ten-Minute Play Competition

“Tough Love” By David Robinson

Alphie is in his living room, watching TV.  Knock on the door.  Gets up, turns TV off and opens door.

Ralphie:  Hey dude, got something in the fridge?

Alphie: Sure, Help yourself.  It’s good to see you.  How are your Mom and Dad?

Ralphie:  Well, since we are both sourced from the same parental conjugate, our parents are at this moment a bit peeved.  But otherwise okay.

Alphie:  Oh no!  What’s wrong?  You plan on staying long?

Ralphie:  Just a day or two, maybe a week.  Click here to continue reading.


VP Naylor Wanted to Be Part of ‘Something Bigger’

By Katie Beeman, Senior Staff Writer

Edward Naylor has returned to his first calling, education, after working as a lawyer in Rocky Mount for over 22 years. As Wesleyan’s new Vice President for Student Affairs and Legal Affairs, Naylor wants to be an advocate for the students. 

NaylorNaylor, 49, started in his new position before the 2014 fall semester. He is in charge of security, residence life, food services, student activities, the health center, and student discipline.

When Naylor started his new job—he’s commonly known as Dean of Students––some students were unsure about approaching him, according to SGA President Isaiah Morrow. “I kept encouraging students to just go and talk to him,” Morrow said. “As soon as the first few saw how personable and caring he was, more and more students were going to see him.”  Click here to continue reading.

Dean of Students Ed Naylor with Karishma Patel.

G. Wallace photo

Honors Students Conduct Advanced Research

By Katie Beeman, Senior Staff Writer

All year the senior honors students have struggled under mountains of research, social experiments and rigorous deadlines (along with all of their other school work) in order to complete their final project and graduate with honors.

Before fall semester, the students pick a topic that interests them; this is an important part of the process, because this one subject becomes a huge part of their lives for an entire year. At the end of the year the students present their findings through a presentation to the NCWC community and a thesis paper.

This year projects were completed by David Paffen, Tyler Biehl, Katie Crickmore, Elizabeth Cobb, Dillon Richardson, Denya Isabelle, Stephen Bardswick, Megan Zimmerman, Sabina Paudel and Megan Brabble. Click here to continue reading.

 Honors student Elizabeth Cobb. K. Beeman photo