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Freshman Foundations

Congratulations on conquering your Bishop Beginnings benchmark and making the decision to become a BIshop!

We invite you to charge onto the next step and actively participate in Freshman Foundations. Your First-Year Academic Advisor along with other members of the NCWC faculty and staff are here to help you successfully transition to college and explore all of the wonderful possibilities available to you.

This seems easy at first glance but can prove to be a challenge when facing it alone. So choose to be a proactive participant on your journey toward college graduation! 

  Bishop Benchmarks Logo Click here to access and print your Freshman Foundations Checklist.

The Freshman Foundations benchmark is represented by color RED. 

Why Red? The color red represents the excitement occurring across campus when YOU chose to become a Bishop! We hope that you are on fire about your decision and have a determination, as well as a desire, to learn what it will take to be a successful college student.

Participants: Students who have 0-23 semester hours

FocusClarifying Interests, Exploring Possibilities and Identifying Pathways to Success

Format: Begins with New Student Orientation when students interact with NCWC faculty, staff and administrators

Academic advising, the Wesleyan way, will be front and center throughout the entire first year of your collegiate experience and beyond. What does this mean?

  • You are should to meet with your First-year Academic Advisor at least once a month in addition to your group WesWay meetings. This will help ensure that your individualized goals are being met, academic progress is being made, and that each student is engaged in the life of the NCWC campus.
  • You will also have the opportunity to assess your achievements and challenges with your First Year Academic Advisor, as well as review what important tasks you have completed on your Bishop Benchmarks checklist.
  • Students and advisors will create a healthy, effective advisor-advisee relationship. This is important to ensure forward progress while your are moving through the Freshman Foundation benchmark.  Remember, it’s about building your individual roadmaps to success.

All first year students will have the opportunity to participate in additional extensive first year experience programming. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Welcome Back Day: Though all returning and new students will participate in this day’s activities, your NCWC family has carved out a significant part of this day for you. All first-year students will participate in valuable activities such as service learning projects, Freshman Convocation, Rock the Mount and the Bishop Tunnel. These activities are designed to help create a sense of community, clarify objectives and expectations as well as provide some relaxation before classes begin.
  • WesWay: An extended orientation program that supports the transition of first-year students as they become active participants in NCWC’s collegiate, academic community.
  • CHECKMATE Programming: A series of academic enhancement programs and workshops designed to promote academic readiness, student engagement, career/internship preparedness, leadership development and insight into current global perspectives.    

Once you have actively completed your Freshman Foundations checklist and have successfully completed at least 23 semesters hours of course work, your Freshman Foundations benchmark will be conquered! It is now time to move onto Sophomore Successes.

For more information about the Bishop Benchmarks Program, please contact the Student Success Center at 252-985-5232 or Associate Dean Stephanie Battle at