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Bishop Beginnings

The North Carolina Wesleyan College family is honored that you are considering our institution of higher education as your college of choice.
This being said, WELCOME TO YOUR BISHOP BEGINNINGS! We extend our support to you as you navigate this critical time in your journey to graduation from a college or university.

You and your family will receive marketing materials as well as personal communications during the admissions process to help guide and support you through early registration, pre-orientation and the opening of school. 

   Bishop Benchmarks Logo Click here to access and print your Bishop Beginnings Checklist.

The Bishop Beginnings benchmark is represented by color BLUE. 

Why Blue? The color blue represents stability, loyalty and intelligence, which NCWC believes are qualities that our future students possess and aspire to further develop.

Participants: Applicants expressing interest in attending NCWC

FocusSetting the Stage with Clear Expectations & Goal Setting

Format: Early Connection and Communication

All students who have applied to NCWC will have the opportunity to participate in a personal conversation with NCWC Admissions Counselors or college representatives about:

  • Why you believe NCWC is your “best fit” institution of higher education?
  • Why you feel a college education is important?
  • Your goals post college graduation?
  • Your areas of interests outside of academics?
  • Your level of interest in community engagement and campus activities once you are in college?
  • Your academic strengths and challenges?
  • Any other information that you wish to share with us regarding who you are as an individual and/or your application to NCWC?

Students will receive phone calls, text messages, emails, and mailings once they have committed to NCWC about our mission and offerings. Information will focus on: 

  • Majors and Minors 
  • New Student Orientation
  • Bishop Benchmarks
  • Residence Life
  • Financial Services
  • And More!

Once students attend a New Student Orientation session and are registered for fall classes, they are ready to transition to the Freshman Foundations benchmark.

Click here for quick assess to admissions and financial services information. 

For more information about the Bishop Benchmarks Program, please contact the Student Success Center at 252-985-5232 or Associate Dean Stephanie Battle at