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Bishop Benchmarks

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 is your individual roadmap to success, from pre-enrollment at North Carolina Wesleyan College to post-graduation.

Academic advising, the Wesleyan way, is at the heart of the Bishop Benchmarks initiative. 

Students will recieve a Bishop Benchmarks Playbook at the beginning of their collegiate journey at NCWC which will assist them in building an impressive student portfolio.


  • Guides you through a program that is unique to NCWC.  Each of you will proceed through a 6-step process based on a personalized, goal oriented 4-year graduation plan.
  • Operates upon a model that all of our students are individuals who matter.  As you travel along the Bishop Benchmark roadmap, you will have a number of opportunities to participate in academic focused and service-learning projects that will create a sense of meaning for you and those you serve.
  • Unifiesour existing campus resources and new initiatives into a user-friendly package. You have already been introduced to many of these resources throughout Bishop Beginnings. You will continue to build upon your knowledge of all that NCWC has to offer through a dynamic advising/WesWay program.
  • Promotes a sense of Bishop Pride and reinforces the power of your NCWC degree.  The color coded system allows you to easily identify and connect with your NCWC family as well as encourages you to build an impressive portfolio of achievements.
  • Celebrates your academic and personal achievements as you successfully journey toward your benchmark honors.  You will receive personalized rewards, as outlined in this Bishop Benchmarks Playbook, as you create your own NCWC experience.

Why Bishop Benchmarks?

It is North Carolina Wesleyan College’s mission to prepare our students for professional advancement, life-long learning and responsible participation in their community. Various departments and divisions made a conscious decision to work together to provide you, our students, with what you need to be successful.

BISHOP BENCHMARKS is designed to help you develop a clearer picture of your future, what NCWC means to you and how to best develop the optimal traits needed to be successful in life.  In other words, our goal is to:

  •  To provide our students with a comprehensive and user-friendly roadmap to graduation.
  •  To promote consistent student engagement and student persistence resources.
  •  To convey to the campus and external communities what it means to uphold our Mission and Statement of Purpose.

Programs of Focus

  • Advising: First Year, Faculty, and Peer
  • Orientation: Summer Orientation and Week of Welcome
  • WesWay
  • Leadership Development : PALs, Service Learning, and Mentorship
  • Checkmate: Extensive Campus Programming
  • Community Engagement
  • Alumni Relations

For more information on Bishop Benchmarks, including program features, click here. Also, please talk to your First-Year Academic Advisor about how Bishop Benchmarks can work for you!