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Program Requirements

During their first year of college, Freshman Advantage students must fulfill a number of requirements, all of them focused on improving their academic performance and introducing them to the academic resources that are available to them on campus. Program requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Regular contact with their Freshman Advantage advisor through weekly, one-on-one meetings, emails and social networking sources.
  • Attendance at weekly Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (P.A.S.S.) for assistance in traditionally-difficult freshman courses.
  • Peer or professional tutoring based on individual need, including Writing Center tutorials for help with papers and other written assignments.
  • Attendance at Student Success-sponsored academic workshops, advising sessions and other useful programming.
  • Participation in Freshman Advantage- or Student Affairs-sponsored meetings & campus activities throughout the first year.
  • Regular attendance at program-specific study halls and community meetings.
  • Satisfactory completion of writing assignments, surveys and other projects that require students to reflect on their freshman experiences and to provide valuable feedback.
  • Close contact with peer mentors, Student Affairs contacts and/or WesWay faculty mentors.
  • Adherence to NC Wesleyan's policies concerning class attendance, behavior and GPA as outlined in the College Catalog.

Students enrolled in Freshman Advantage are introduced to the available academic resources on campus and are monitored closely by the Director of Freshman Advantage to ensure they utilize them regularly. With hard work and dedication, Freshman Advantage students can build a strong academic foundation for the rest of their college careers. There is no limit to what they can achieve as they take advantage of every opportunity for success.