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FA Student Testimonials

"Without the support the Freshman Advantage program offered me at NC Wesleyan, I believe I would not have been a successful student. The Freshman Advantage Program allowed me to face my struggles head on in order to better myself and prepare me for my years to come at Wesleyan. My first semester was a struggle and I only had a 2.4 GPA, but by the end of the Freshman Advantage program, I had successfully made it to a 3.0 and had determined what my goals would be before I graduated. The program pushed me to strive to work harder and not give up just because I wasn't seeing immediate results my very first semester.

Without the program, I believe I would not even have made it to graduate, to receive the honors I accomplished, or to be able to share my experience with students later as I became a Peer Tutor and Writing Center Mentor. Every step of the program during my freshman year allowed me to better myself and to see the true potential I could contribute to the college. This program is one that I give credit to every day because without it, I would not be where I am today."

Ashley, Freshman Advantage 2007-2008, graduated Magna Cum Laude

"To me, Freshman Advantage was the bridge that connected me to college from high school. It literally gave me an "advantage" to connect with my peers and succeed academically. Freshman Advantage was a way to help me focus my attention, which can be hard to do as a student athlete. I was able to prioritize my time and become less of a procrastinator. This program is a great opportunity not only for students, but also for faculty. The faculty in a sense grows a bond to students in the program that stays long past the program is over. And that is worth more than anything."

Mossette, Freshman Advantage 2006-2007

"The Freshman Advantage Program has helped me a lot, not just during my freshman year of college but also during my years after that. This program helped guide me and put me on the right path to a successful career during and after college. It has helped me to improve my organizational and social skills, and has helped me to be a successful student in the classroom as well. I’m going into my senior year and whenever I need help with anything, I can always go talk to my old Freshman Advantage advisors. No matter what they are doing, they always find time to talk to me and help me out. You don’t always need to have a problem in order to go see them, either. I owe a lot of my success to the Freshman Advantage Program and its advisors for always being there to help me out when I needed it. Thank you so much for all of your hard work."

Erick, Freshman Advantage 2008-2009