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Reservation Policies

Download the Facility Reservation/Rental Application

All reservations and rentals must be consistent with the NCWC Mission Statement. All groups (on and off campus) must complete a rental application form. All reservations will be made according to the established scheduling priority. Rental fees will be accessed according to the established set of rental categories. Reservations and rentals may not be made for groups not fitting into one of the established rental/reservations categories. The TRC fitness room may not be rented or reserved for any activity other than Exercise Sport Science Department course. Consideration will always be given to informal recreation use of facilities when making reservations as adequate student activity space will not be compromised at any time. The Department of Intramural Sports & Recreation shall act as the judge of adequate student activity space.

NCWC Intramural Sports & Recreation facilities that can be reserved or rented include the Fitness Center, Edge Gym, Edgecombe Field, North/South IM Fields, and Nash/Edgecombe Sand Volleyball Courts.

Reservations for NCWC Intramural Sports & Recreation facilities will be confirmed according to the following set of guidelines/priorities:

A. Programs and services provided by and/or sponsored by IMSR will receive first priority. These programs and services include intramural sports, drop-in recreation, group fitness & wellness activities, club sports, and outdoor trips.

B. Academic classes (Exercise Sports Science) approved for scheduling by IMSR will receive second priority. These classes will be scheduled on a semester/session basis. Academic programs will be financially responsible for special set-ups/strike downs and any repairs and/or maintenance or housekeeping needs that arise as a direct result of their programs or the increase in use as a consequence of academic programs.

C. College entities such as student organizations, athletics, and other departments will have third priority. Use will be allowed only for members or active participants of organizations. Guests of these organizations/groups are excluded. No charges will be assessed student organizations for reserved use of the facility unless the reservation creates the need for special set-up and/or strike down or the reservation requires special operating hours or staff supervision, housekeeping needs, supplies, etc.

D. Programs sponsored by student organizations, academic departments, or other college entities for the community outside of North Carolina Wesleyan College will have fourth priority. These include all outside summer camp programs. If these individuals wish to use the fitness center, it must be approved by IMSR. All charges will be included with group rate for hosting the summer camp at the college.

E. Non Affliliate-Profit making or not for profit organization and/or activities with no affiliation to North Carolina Wesleyan College will have fifth priority. Charges for reserved facilities for non-affiliate groups will be set in such a fashion as to reduce debit service, program and facility operations costs as well as generate revenue. These rental charges will include all staffing and personal charges, housekeeping and housekeeping supplies, utilities, and pro-rated maintenance/repair charges.