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TRC Policies

General Policies

  1. The Taylor Recreation Center is a controlled access facility. Only authorized users (NC Wesleyanstudents, faculty/staff, alumni, and approved guests) are allowed entry. Students must present a Wesleyan ID card. Effective Fall 2008, faculty members must present laminated membership cards provided to them by IMSR. Faculty/Staff members will also have to apply for passes for their spouses and/or dependents. Dependents 16 years and older will be allowed access to the fitness facility, provided they are supervised by a sponsoring member. Dependents under the age of 16 will not be allowed access to the fitness center. Alumni that are members of the Battling Bishops Club will be
    allowed access to the facility. They must present some form of identification to prove this before gain access to the facility. One must enter and exit through the control desk supervised area.
  2. Responsibility for general supervision of the building, gymnasium, and fitness area rests with the staff members and supervisors directly in charge of the activity or area. Students provide primary supervision for the facility and act with the full authority of a full-time employee. Harassment or
    disregard of the directions provided by the staff will result in immediate ejection from the facility and may result in additional disciplinary action.
  3. Profane or indecent language is discouraged. Such language which is directed at employees or deemed offensive to other users will not be allowed.
  4. Appropriate attire is necessary to gain access to the Student Recreation Center. Shirts and shoes are required to be worn in all activity areas. Clothing that sends profane, inflammatory or bigoted messages is discouraged.
  5. Closed-toe shoes with non-marking soles are required to enter and/or use free-weight equipment area. Only closed-toe athletic shoes with non-marking soles are allowed on cardio equipment.
  6. The possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted. The use of tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco is not permitted in the building.
  7. Food is not to be consumed inside activity areas and should be disposed before entrance into an area. This includes spectators for intramural activities. Beverages are permitted in the activity areas only if contained in a sealable sports squeeze bottle.
  8. The use of skateboards, roller skates and rollerblades are prohibited. Bicycles are not permitted in the building without prior approval.
  9. No animals except guide dogs are permitted in the building.
  10. The Taylor Recreation Center staff can not guarantee the security of valuables, book bags or other personal articles. All items should be placed in provided cubbies in fitness center.
  11. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must remain with their guests at all times when in the facility.
  12. Spitting in the common areas or activity areas is not permitted.

**Our staff is always open to user opinions and ideas. Questions or comments should be directed tothe front desk. A suggestion box is located there for your convenience.**

Fitness Area Policies

  1. Athletic clothing, including sports shorts, sweats or other work-out attire must be worn. No street clothes (jeans, shorts with belt loops/pockets etc.) will be allowed.
  2. Full T-shirts or unaltered tank tops must be worn at all times. Partial shirts, altered tank tops, mesh tops, or torn shirts are not allowed.
  3. Street shoes, sandals, flip-flops, open-toed shoes are not allowed. Only athletic shoes are allowed.
  4. Exercise stations must be utilized as designed and in the designated space. Weight stations may not be altered in any manner inconsistent with their design or intent.
  5. It is recommended that work-out towels be used by all participants. Clean towels must be used to cover the upholstery during use.
  6. Each piece of equipment used must be wiped clean before moving on.
  7. Users must return bars/weights to their proper place/racks immediately after use.
  8. Weight belts are not allowed on exercise equipment if the belt buckle makes contact with the upholstery.
  9. Olympic weight lifting is prohibited.
  10. Keep hands and feet clear of moving parts while machine is in use. Never put hands or feet under weight stacks. Place hands and feet only on the hand grips and foot pads provided.
  11. Do not operate equipment if it has loose or damaged parts. Report repair needs to the staff. Do not make repairs yourself.
  12. Do not drop weight stacks, plates, dumbbells, or other free weight equipment.

Sport Court Policies

  1. Only closed-toe athletic shoes with non-marking soles are allowed.
  2. Hanging on the rim is not permitted. Dunking between games is not permitted.
  3. Participants must refrain from the deliberate abuse of the walls, ceilings, windows, equipment, etc. by kicking or striking with balls, feet, etc.
  4. Disassembling or moving equipment that has been set up is not allowed. Contact front desk for assistance in moving equipment.
  5. Violation of any gymnasium court rule may result in immediate ejection from the facility.
  6. Drop-in recreation basketball games are played to 12 points in one point increments. A one point margin wins.
  7. The winning team can stay on the court for a maximum of three games. Upon the third consecutive win by a playing group, both playing groups will be replaced by two new teams.
  8. Members of the losing team go to the bottom of the list to play again if they desire.
  9. Full court play will be allowed whenever feasible. Half court play may be necessary at specific times.