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Residence Halls

NCWC has 6 traditional residence halls and 3 townhomes. While all of our halls offer almost identical amenities the personalities of each hall is unique! Students will be able to find not only a place to rest but a home while with us.  

Freshmen Campus – Edgecombe & Petteway Halls

All freshmen are assigned to double occupancy rooms in Petteway (men) and Edgecombe (women) Halls. Once all beds are filled in these buildings, freshmen are placed in other residence halls on a space-available basis.

  • Every room is double occupancy (approximately 14 ft. x 12 ft.) and includes a sink and 2 desks, chairs, closets/armoires and twin beds with extra-long mattresses (can be bunked by request).
  • Students share a large community bathroom with other residents on their floor (2 bathrooms per floor). Women’s bathrooms are accessible by key-access only. 

North Campus – Boddie, Centura, Collins, Nash & Wesleyan Village Townhomes

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are assigned to these buildings by participating in room selection before leaving campus the prior year. New transfer students are also placed in these buildings as space allows. 

Boddie & Centura

  • Every room is single occupancy (approximately 8 ft. x 8 ft.) and includes a desk, chair, armoire and twin bed with an extra-long mattress.
  • Each floor of these buildings is divided in half by a full kitchen/lounge area. Doors are also installed to divide the hallway and provide privacy on each end in order to house men on one half and women on the other. 
  • Students share a large bathroom with 9 other residents on their gender’s half of the floor. Women’s bathrooms are by key-access only. 


  • Every room is double occupancy (approximately 14 ft. x 12 ft.) and includes a sink and 2 desks, chairs, closets and twin beds with extra-long mattresses (can be bunked by request). 
  • Students share a large community bathroom with other residents on their floor (2 bathrooms per floor).


  • Every room is double occupancy (approximately 14 ft. x 12 ft.) and includes a sink and 2 desks, chairs, closets and twin beds with extra-long mattresses (can be bunked by request).
  • The 1st floor of this building is divided in half by a full kitchen and lounge. Doors are also installed to divide the hallway and provide privacy on each end. This floor is home to women involved with the International Themed Community. Rooms are assigned based on a competitive application process.
  • The 2nd floor of this building houses women and the 3rd houses men, many of which are involved with the International Themed Community.     
  • Students share a large recently renovated community bathroom with other residents on their side of the floor (2 bathrooms per floor). Women’s bathrooms are accessible by key-access only.

Wesleyan Village Townhomes

  • This community offers a mix of double and single occupancy rooms in 3 single-gender townhomes adjacent to NCWC’s main campus. Each unit is fully furnished and includes 3-4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, full kitchen, front and back porch and a stand-alone storage building.  
  • Placement into this community is considered a privilege. As such, assignment is based on a competitive group application process that evaluates the academic and campus judicial records of all interested students.

Facility Services & Limitations (campus wide)

  • Laundry Facilities: Coin-operated front- load washers and dryers are located in a laundry room on the second floor of each residence hall. A wash cycle costs $1.50 and a dry cycle costs $1.25. 
  • Climate Control: All room temperatures are individually adjusted by the student residents (within a controlled range).
  • Internet Access: Each room is equipped with one Ethernet port per student. Wi-Fi is available campus-wide but computer routers are not needed for this and are not allowed since they interrupt our campus network. 
  • Refrigerators & Microwaves: One refrigerator (no larger than 4.0 cu. ft. and 1.5 amps) and one microwave (up to 700 watts) is allowed per room. Roommates are advised to coordinate on this before arriving.  
  • Cable Television: Each room is equipped with cable service (1 connection per room). Only digital TVs with a QAM tuner installed are compatible with the digital cable service. Most name brand digital flat screens have a QAM tuner but students are advised to confirm with the manufacturer before purchasing a new set to bring to NCWC.
  • Keys: Students will be issued keys for their room, front door and mailbox. No key deposit is required, but there is a significant replacement charge for lost keys.
  • Telephone Service: Residence Halls do not have phone service in individual rooms. Students should bring a personal cell phone.
  • Cars/Motorcycles/Bicycles: All cars, motorcycles, or motorbikes must receive a parking decal during Check-In. Bicycles are welcome and should be securely locked on bicycle racks.

What to Bring

Click here to download a list of suggested items as well as information on items that are not allowed.

Roommate Assignments

Upperclassmen have the opportunity to select their roommate by participating in the Room Selection process in early April. Incoming students can request a specific roommate by indicating this on their Housing Application. Students without a specific roommate preference will be matched with another based on the personal information and lifestyle preferences indicated on their Housing Application.   

Hall Supervision

All communities are supervised by a team of professional live-in staff members and trained undergraduate paraprofessional staff members.

Professional live-in staff members include both an Area Director and the Assistant Director for Residence Life. These professionals supervise the Resident Advisors and House Leaders (undergraduate paraprofessional staff members and student leaders), aid in facilitating the living and learning environment, assist in judicial meetings, and perform a variety of administrative tasks. The Resident Advisors (RAs) are students who have been carefully selected and trained to work directly with students. RAs are able to help students navigate the variety of resources at the College, answer questions, and provide a sense of order to the floor communities. In addition to having RAs on duty each night in the traditional halls (including weekends), Residence Life also provides professional duty coverage to serve as backup to the RAs as well as to be available to assist students as needed. House Leaders (HLs) are also an important part of the Residence Life team as they are student leaders who have been nominated by their peers and approved by Residence Life to uphold the College’s Code of Student Conduct in each of the townhomes. 

The Residence Life program is part of Student Affairs and is coordinated by the Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life. The Associate Dean serves as liaison with custodial and maintenance personnel, ensures proper health and safety standards of the halls, oversees the residence hall judicial system, and directs the administrative functions of room selection and community/individual damage billing processes. The Associate Dean directly supervises the professional live-in staff and indirectly supervises the RA staff and HLs. The Associate Dean’s office is located within the Student Affairs Office in the Hardee’s Building, which is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Area Director and Assistant Director for Residence Life both have offices adjacent to the first-floor lobbies in the buildings where they live (Petteway Hall and Collins Hall, respectively).


Students are expected to be mindful of creating a safe community and diligent in doing so at all times. Students are urged to keep their individual room doors locked, even when visiting the hall bathroom. Building and bathroom entrances must never be propped and students should not give access to anyone who does not live in the building. All approved guests must be escorted by their student host at all times. Students are also expected to report any individuals or incidents of concern in a timely manner. The Security staff can be reached at (252) 406-7928 at any hour. A professional member of the Residence Life staff can be reached at (252) 813-1230 during evenings and weekends and in the offices on the first floor of Petteway and Collins Halls during business hours. Students are urged to call 911 for urgent life threatening emergencies.  

FIRE HAZARDS:  In order to provide a safe environment from fires the following items are not allowed in individual rooms:

  • Any appliance with an exposed heating element (toaster ovens, deep fat fryers, hot plates, grills, traditional coffee pots, etc.). Keurig-type pots without an exposed heating element are allowed.
  • Appliances over 1,800 watts.
  • Halogen lamps, candles, incense and any item with an open flame, wick or calls for burning.
  • Space heaters.
  • Extension cords.  

CHEMICAL HAZARDS: For the safety of our community as well as to remain compliant with environmental laws, no chemical substances are allowed in student rooms. This includes cleaners, pesticides and other similar chemicals. The only exception to this is laundry detergent, which is allowed. 

WEAPONS: No weapons of any type are allowed on any NCWC owned properties. This includes, but is not limited to firearms, knives, martial arts equipment, bows and arrows, spears, etc. This applies to all members of the campus community, including those holding a concealed-carry permit. 

ALCOHOL/TOBACCO/DRUGS & ZERO TOLERANCE: Alcohol is not allowed on the grounds of NCWC including all college owned housing. Smoking is also not permitted on campus. Please see the tobacco policy for more information. Using or possessing illegal drugs is not allowed and users may be suspended.