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Internship Program Information

The internship experience has become the “new rung on the corporate ladder” in college graduates’ job search. Many employers are only interested in individuals who have real-world work experience within their field. The best way to get this experience before you graduate is by participating in internships.

The Internship and Career Services Center at North Carolina Wesleyan College exists to assist students with exploring careers and gaining practical work experience in their majors by assisting them with the internship process in addition to other services offered by the Center.

Download the Internship Handbook for Students which includes all roles and responsibilities as well as required forms.

Internship Program Description
Provides students with opportunity to apply classroom knowledge, gain approved and supervised experience in a business, agency, or other work environment relative to their major, and to test career choices.

May be paid or unpaid (on-campus internships must be unpaid), vary in length, be full or part time, and completed during the academic year or summer in any geographic location.

Earns 1 semester hour major or elective credit for approximately every 67 contact hours. (67 hours = 1 credit, 134 hours = 2 credits, 200 hours = 3 credits, 268 hours = 4 credits, 335 hours = 5 credits, 400 hours = 6 credits.

“Non-credit” internships are considered “work experience” and not administered by the College.

Who can participate in an internship?
Students who:

  • Are enrolled full-time at NCWC.
  • Have completed a minimum of 36 credit hours (junior or senior status recommended)
  • Are in good academic standing (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0)
  • Have completed the Career Development Workshop series
  • Have prior approval from the ICSC Director and/or a faculty sponsor

When & How to Register

Students must follow College registration procedures to receive academic credit. A Pre-Registration Schedule Form must be completed by the student, approved and signed by the faculty sponsor, and submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Student Intern
    • Complete the Career Development Workshop series.
    • Obtain the Internship Handbook for Students from the ICSC. (see link above)
    • Complete an Internship Application and submit to faculty sponsor and ICSC.
    • Obtain approval and signature on Pre-Registration Schedule Form from faculty sponsor.
    • Submit Pre-Registration Schedule to the Registrar’s Office.
    • Pay tuition and fees for number of credit hours expected to be earned.
    • Identify potential internship sites, develop resume, and initiate contact with prospective employers.
    • Define details of the internship (i.e., length, full or part time, elective or major credit).
    • Identify internship goals and objectives with the assistance of faculty sponsor and internship supervisor.
    • Complete the Internship Contract, which clearly states work to be performed to achieve goals and objectives, methods of evaluating accomplishment of goals and objectives, beginning and ending dates of internship, and number of credit hours to be earned. The Internship Contract is to be completed by the student, not the supervisor. Obtain required signatures on the contract and return to the faculty sponsor by assigned date. The faculty sponsor and the ICSC reserve the right to administratively withdraw a student from a registered internship course if the contract is not received by the assigned date.
    • Notify internship supervisor of any unavoidable absences.
    • Notify ICSC or faculty sponsor if a problem arises during the internship.
    • Complete all required internship hours and maintain a verifiable log of internship time. Students depending on the internship credit hours in order to graduate should be particularly diligent in being certain they complete their hours by the week of graduation. If hours are not complete the student will not receive their diploma at graduation.
    • Submit all required assignments and presentations outlined in this handbook and any additional academic requirements assigned by the faculty sponsor by the assigned date.
    • Attend post-internship assessment meeting.
  • Faculty Sponsor
    • The degree of faculty sponsor involvement with the student and employer during the internship will be determined by the sponsor and stated on the syllabus. This should include the following responsibilities at a minimum.
    • Assist student with identifying potential internship sites.
    • Ensure that the student has completed all paperwork and other tasks listed on the Internship
    • hecklist, which can be found in the Student Handbook.
    • Assist student in writing internship goals, objectives and evaluation methods.
    • Consult periodically with student during the internship. Meeting times to be determined by the sponsor. At a minimum, the faculty sponsor is highly encouraged to meet with the student mid-way through the internship and at the conclusion of the internship.
    • Consult periodically with the internship supervisor. On-site visits are encouraged. Travel is paid by the ICSC.
    • Collect and review all required assignments and evaluations.
    • Submit final grade to Registrar. For INT courses faculty sponsors must submit their grades to the ICSC Director who will submit to the registrar on their behalf.
    • Provide the ICSC Director with copies of all assignments, paperwork, evaluations, and the student’s final grade at the conclusion of the internship.
  • Internship Supervisor
    • Agree to supervise the intern and enter into a contractual agreement with the student and North Carolina Wesleyan College.
    • Develop job description based on company mission and needs and submit to the ICSC Director or faculty sponsor for internal approval.
    • Assist student in determining internship goals and objectives based on job description.
    • Provide necessary on-the-job training for the intern.
    • Offer periodic feedback to the student intern about his/her performance.
    • Consult as necessary with the ICSC Director and/or faculty sponsor regarding the intern’s progress.
    • Verify the intern’s reported work hours.
    • Conduct an interim and final evaluation of the intern’s work performance and submit completed Interim and Final Evaluation Forms to the ICSC or faculty sponsor.
  • ICSC Director
    • Provide the Internship Handbook, which outlines internship policies and procedures.
    • Conduct the Career Development Workshop series.
    • Assist with identifying potential employers to serve as internship hosts.
    • Assist with completion of Internship Contract if needed.
    • Serve as program resource for faculty and internship employers.
    • Monitor internship progress through maintaining contact with the supervisor and intern and making visits to the internship site when possible.
    • Collect student assignments, time-logs, evaluations, and final grades from the faculty sponsor at the completion of the internship in order to maintain student files.
    • Submit final grade to the Registrar’s Office for all INT courses.
    • Make arrangements for student internship presentations.