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College Central Network

The ICSC provides students and alumni with free access to College Central Network (CCN). All students and alumni utilizing the services of the ICSC must first register in the CCN system at Once registered, users will be able to take advantage of the following features:

  • Searchable job and internship postings of positions targeted to NCWC students and alumni.
  • Resume building software to help you create an effective resume for your job search.
  • Resume posting system allowing you to make your resume available for employers to review and contact you directly.
  • Mentoring network that provides a searchable list of NCWC alumni and other community members who would like to provide students and alumni with information about their careers and the cities where they live.
College Central

Internship Program

Designed to ideally take place in the Junior and Senior years, internships can be pursued for career exploration and skill-building applications of classroom knowledge. This experience also gives students an opportunity to gain an understanding of the professional and corporate culture. Successful internships can provide students with excellent recommendations as they begin to look for employment and can sometimes lead to full time employment after graduation. Varying in length and requirements, an internship may be worth up to 6 semester hours of credit. Click here for more information about internships.

Career Development Workshops

Scheduled once per semester, this workshop series is designed to assist you in preparing for internships and employment. Completion of the CDW series is a prerequisite for enrolling in an internship. Some of the topics included are resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, and business etiquette and dress. Click here for more information about the Career Development Workshop.

Resume Service

Information and resources to assist with resume writing may be found here. The ICSC also provides all students and alumni free access to a resume builder software program through the College Central Network (CCN) system. The CCN resume builder assists with formatting and provides content examples. It also enables students and alumni to have their approved resume available for employers to review and make direct contact. Once students have created a resume, they may schedule an appointment, email, or simply drop off their resumes/cover letters to be critiqued by the ICSC.

Mock Interviews

In this program students submit the job description of a position for which they would be interested in applying for in addition to the cover letter and resume they would normally send to apply for such a position. Once these materials are received by the ICSC, the student may schedule an appointment to come in for a mock interview for the position. The interview will be conducted by the ICSC Director or her designee, who will role-play as the hiring employer. Upon completion of the interview, the student will be given specific feedback regarding his/her strengths and areas of improvement in the interview setting. This program gives students a chance to practice and improve on their interview skills and is a great way to prepare for real interviews they will experience in the future during their job hunt. Contact the ICSC to arrange a mock interview. Typically two weeks of advance notice is required.

Career Fairs

Wesleyan students are encouraged to participate in area career fairs in addition to the Eastern North Carolina Career Alliance (ENCCA) Career Fair that is held annually. Co-sponsored by Wesleyan and other eastern NC colleges, the ENCCA Career Fair is held in Raleigh, NC every February. Transportation to the event is available to students at the traditional campus. Click here for more information.

On-Campus Recruitment

Employers and graduate schools will occasionally visit campus to speak about their organizations, collect resumes, and interview potential employees/students. Upcoming recruitment events will be announced through the CCN system, on and on flyers throughout campus.

ICSC Resource Library

The Resource Library in the Internship and Career Services Center contains a wide range of publications that pertain to specific occupations, resume writing, interview skills and cover letter writing. To assist the student with research on potential employers, the ICSC also displays employer brochures and packets. These contain company profiles and other miscellaneous information about employment within the organizations. Click here to review the list of text resources held in the ICSC.

Career Mentor Program

The ICSC maintains a listing of alumni and other community members who have agreed to serve as career mentors to current Wesleyan students and alumni. Career Mentors can answer questions about their work, the cities they live, and more. Since networking is one of the most effective ways to find a job, getting a Career Mentor is a great idea! Click here for more information.