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Immunization is the Law

North Carolina state law requires all new enrollees in the college/university system to present proof of immunizations prior to completion of registration. Please note that if a requirement is not met, dismissal from school is mandatory under the law.

Immunization Requirements for College Entrants

The State of North Carolina requires ALL enrollees in the college system to present proof of immunizations prior to the start of class. If these requirements are not met, you will not be allowed to attend class or live on campus until they are. New and transfer students are required to have:

  • Proof of childhood vaccines - series of 3 DPT and polio
  • 2 MMRs - measles, mumps, rubella (Adults born prior to 1957 are not required to show proof of MMR).
  • Series of 3 Hepatitis B ( Not required if born prior to July 1. 1994).
  • Tetanus booster within the last 10 years
  • TB skin test with results [international students only]
  • Older students who can not find proof of their 3 tetanus series must repeat the series.

Special Instructions For Immunization Documentation Form

  • Month, date and year required for all immunizations
  • Handwritten records must be verified by either a physicians signature or by a health department stamp
  • Any medical exemption from the immunization requirements must be verified in a written statement by your physician
  • To print a copy of the Immunization Documentation Form click here.

Where Can You Obtain An Acceptable Record Of Your Immunizations?

  • High School
  • Personal Shot Record- Records from pediatritians or family physicians are acceptable, if verified (stamp or signature) and contain proof of minimum requirements
  • Local Health Departments- If primary immunizations were received at a local health department
  • Transfer Students can obtain a copy of immunization records from previous college.

* Must repeat measles vaccine if received even one day prior to first birthday. History of physician diagnosed measles is acceptable, but must have signed statement from physician.

** Only laboratory proof of immunity to rubella is acceptable if vaccine not taken. History of rubella disease, even from physician is not acceptable.