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PALs (Peer Advising Leaders)

PALs are student leaders who believe in the philosophy and objective of NCWC, serve as a mentor to new students to help them adjust to campus and make them feel welcome, have tons of Bishop pride,and love to have fun!

See the information below to MEET YOUR PAL!


2014 PALs

 Alijah Brown
Hometown: New York
Class: Junior
Major:  Biology/Environmental Science
Advice to New Students: "Take as many credits as possible, try to find a club or sport of interest, and just work hard."
Chudney Hill
PALs  Hometown: Elizabeth City, NC
  Class:  Junior
  Major(s): Computer Information Systems/ Business Adminstration
  Advice to New Students: "Stay focused, be optimstic, and always have faith.  Never keep
   your eye off the prize (college diploma)."
Jordan Cager
PAL  Hometown: Upper Marlboro, MD
  Class:  Junior
  Major(s): Criminal Justice/ Pyschology
  Advice to New Students: "Always stay on top of your school work, because
  you do not want to stress when it comes time for exams.  Never be scared to
  ask for help."
NeTaih Davis
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Class:  Senior
Major(s): Exercise Science
Advice to New Students: "Stay true to yourself."
Danyelle Rube
Class:  Senior
Major(s): Sociology/Psychology
Advice to New Students:
Charlei Simpson
 picture of a PAL Hometown: Harlem, New York
  Class:  Junior
  Major(s): Psychology & Criminal Justice
  Advice to New Students: "I know college is a scary experience, but you have
  the resources to help you succeed."
Derek Whitaker
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Class:  Senior
Major(s): Criminal Justice/Sociology
Advice to New Students: "Congratulations to all of the new incoming students.  Have fun enjoying the college experience, and don't forget the main reason why you are here."
 Cortney Burch
Hometown: Durham, NC
Class:  Junior
Major(s): Biomedical Science
Advice to New Students: "As long as you put your mind and strength into something/anything, success is always an option."
Ruby Martinez
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Class:  Sophomore
Major(s): Psychology
Advice to New Students: "Quitters never win, winners never quit."
Denya Isabelle
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Class:  Senior
Major(s): Psychology
Advice to New Students: "College is what you make of it, so make it the best years of your life!"
Tikeyah Shaw
PALs  Hometown: Goldsboro, NC
  Class: Senior
  Major(s): Criminal Justice
  Advice to New Students: "Come in with a positive attitude, and do all of your work."
Connor Wright
PALs  Hometown: Taylorsville, NC
  Class:  Senior
  Major(s): Business Administration/ Marketing
  Advice to New Students: "You must have the willingness to try, to succeed."