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Earn Two Degrees in only Three Years? Amazing!

Rocky Mount, NC   Saving time and saving money are the driving forces behind an innovative approach to achieving two college degrees within three years announced by North Carolina Wesleyan College in partnership with Pitt Community College.  Through this revolutionary program in Business Administration, coined Two Degrees in Three, college-ready adult students with no prior college credit can earn the Associate of Applied Science degree and the Bachelor of Science degree in only three years of year-round study.

“Our unique and first-of-its-kind partnership with Pitt Community College has produced a remarkable blending of high-quality curriculum,” said NC Wesleyan President James A. Gray, III.  “As more students struggle with the cost of higher education, we have found a way to offer a fully-loaded program that will yield a bachelor’s degree in three years at a substantial savings when compared to the cost of a traditional college program.”

In addition to the opportunity to earn two degrees in a shorter period of time, administrators at both colleges emphasized the affordability of Two Degrees in Three as one of the most attractive features.  Students who choose this 3-year program over a traditional 4-year private college will save approximately $60,000, on average. Students will pay an average of $5,000 less in this program than the cost of attending a North Carolina public college or university for the same amount of time.

NC Community College System President Scott R. Ralls, Ph.D. endorsed the initiative saying, “I applaud the innovative efforts of Pitt Community College and NC Wesleyan College to bring to market a first-of-its-kind model that helps adult students get a 4-year degree faster and for less money than with traditional models. The ‘Two Degrees in Three’ program is not for every student, but it is a step forward in being responsive to the challenges of time and money facing many students in North Carolina.”

PCC President G. Dennis Massey, Ph.D. expressed enthusiasm, “The new ‘Two Degrees in Three’ program supports the ambitious plans of students with concrete, achievable educational pathways.  I am excited about this expansion of PCC’s partnership with Wesleyan and fully support this effort to better serve Pitt County and Eastern North Carolina.”

“This cutting-edge partnership has many unique qualities never seen between two schools in North Carolina,” said Wesleyan Interim Provost and Vice President of Adult and Professional Studies Evan Duff, Ph.D. “Both schools provide the exact number of credits students will need to complete their associate and bachelor’s degrees. This prevents wasting time and credits while earning these two degrees.  This is especially attractive to working adults.”

Students will take 64 credit hours through PCC and another 60 through NC Wesleyan to equal the 124 hours Wesleyan requires for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. PCC will accept 12 hours from the upper-level courses completed at Wesleyan and apply them toward the 76 hours needed for the Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration.

“The partnership between PCC and NC Wesleyan is designed to accelerate a student’s time to completion, and provides increased levels of support to enhance student success,” said Maria Pharr, PCC Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Pharr said students will take a combination of accelerated 8-week, 5-week, and online classes through a cohort model in which they move together through each course. “The cohort system provides a team atmosphere in which all class members understand the complexities of work and social responsibilities and therefore, help and motivate each other,” she said.

“One of Pitt Community College’s major strategic goals is student success,” said Massey. “As a result of that endeavor, we are constantly striving to help students develop and realize their educational goals while also increasing the number of degrees and certificates they earn.”

PCC is accepting enrollment now for the first cohort of students, which will begin classes in August 2013. To learn more about the Two in Three in Business Administration, contact Alton Wadford, Pitt Community College at 252-493-7745 or