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More Students are choosing to Major in Marketing

Rocky Mount, N.C.— Last fall, North Carolina Wesleyan College announced the addition of Marketing as a new major leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.  This subject area has been offered as a minor degree for quite some time; however, due to increasing requests from students for the full degree, the college decided to expand the curriculum in this area of study. The minor in marketing will remain, but students now have the option of earning a full bachelor’s degree.

Like NC Wesleyan, colleges across the country are seeing the growth of Marketing as a popular major.  Simply stated, by The Princeton Review, “Marketing is the art and the science of getting people to buy stuff.  More formally, it is the study of how to determine consumer needs and translate those needs into products and services and selling them locally, nationally, and globally.”

Students who decide to specialize in marketing learn about the distribution of goods and services, consumer behavior, pricing policies, channels of retail and wholesale distribution, advertising, sales, research, and management.   Other topics may include market segmentation and targeting, effective customer service, new product development, and logistics.

This is a versatile course of study that appeals to a well-rounded individual and sets the stage for entry into a wide variety of career paths.  The Princeton Review describes marketing as “a practical, career-oriented, and solidly pre-professional major that requires analytical skills, logic and creativity.”

Many of the business courses required for the marketing degree were already available at NC Wesleyan; however, the business division has expanded the marketing curriculum to accommodate the growing interest and demand for this major.  The Office of Admissions has already enrolled a significant number of students as marketing majors for the spring semester classes that start on January 14, 2013.

Marketing students will complete the standard core courses required for a bachelor’s degree at Wesleyan.  As they progress through the four-year plan for the major, they will take courses in accounting, communications, consumer behavior, economics, internet marketing,  retailing, statistics and other related subjects.  Some of these courses will be offered online.

In an earlier announcement from NC Wesleyan about the new major, Interim Provost Dr. Evan Duff said, “Marketing is a cornerstone in many business programs and will provide students with the foundation they need to be successful in the many fields that marketing offers.  We are pleased to expand our business division in this subject area with the added convenience of some online offerings.”

Upon graduation, many marketing majors seek jobs in consulting, market research, and advertising.  Those who want to work in a department dedicated to marketing generally can expect to start in sales to become familiar with a company’s products and its customers.  In fact, The Princeton Review recommends starting in sales as “the best (and sometimes the only) way to ultimately get one of those coveted (not to mention high-paying, low stress) jobs in the Marketing department.”  Although many who are already working in marketing may not agree that the jobs are truly “low-stress,” there is no doubt that is a growing field and NC Wesleyan is preparing graduates who will be positioned to succeed.

For information about the marketing program and other courses of study for traditional and adult students at NC Wesleyan College, visit the college website at