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NCWC Professor Co-Hosts Symposium on March 22

Rocky Mount, N.C. - Dr. Erica Kosal, Associate Professor of Biology and Chair of the Mathematics & Sciences Division at North Carolina Wesleyan, co-hosted a special symposium for local teachers and administrators on Tuesday, March 22, in Powers Recital Hall on campus. Entitled “Achieving Results: A Guide to Breaking Down Your Barriers,” the event was free to attend.

Kosal was joined by Teresa Molter, who has over 15 years as a high school teacher and is the founder/owner of a private tutoring company.  Their topics and biographies follow, as well as a link to the symposium flyer.

Click here to view the symposium flyer!

Teresa Molter, MA, Educator, Founder of Academic Development Group
What Are You Really Saying:  Body Language Linked to Student Learning
It’s not just what you say as a teacher, it’s how you say it!  Like it or not, how you interact with students plays a role in the learning that takes place in your classroom.  The way teachers communicate with their students has a major impact on the students’ self-perception and learning.  Teaching to the whole student is essential.  Ms. Molter will discuss strategies for helping teachers help youth reach their academic potential in the classroom by addressing non-academic skills and considerations.

Erica F. Kosal, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology at NCWC
Bounce to Resilience: How to Face Adversity When It Slaps You in the Face
Erica’s family was confronted with horrible news about her husband’s declining health.  Rather than relying on physicians, she and her husband took things into their own hands.  By staying true to her beliefs and with knowledge and signs on her side, Erica has been able to handle the craziness of this stressful time.  With two small kids to raise, a full-time job to hold down, and hospital stays, physician visits and battling the insurance company, Dr. Kosal tells her story of how anyone can win with grace in the face of serious hardship.

With over 15 years as a high school teacher and as a successful business founder/owner of a private tutoring company, Teresa Molter brings much experience and insight to helping youth succeed not only academically, but in their personal lives as well.  She is the nation’s leading expert and founder of Academic Coaching Certification.  Students must realize that they cannot define themselves solely on their academic success, or lack thereof. As the founder of Academic Development Group., Teresa developed, and trains in Youth Moving Forward, a teen leadership course that enables students learn leadership and learning strategies for academic and life success.  Actively engaging with students, teachers, administrators and parents, Teresa offers a unique perspective on helping the whole student.  As she recognizes the need for effective communication and leadership skills for youth, Teresa is a co-coordinator in a local Youth Leadership program sponsored by Toastmasters International and is the co-founder of a private school in Raleigh, NC.  As such a passionate advocate for our youth, Teresa is highly sought after for speaking engagements.

Dr. Erica Kosal is an Associate Professor of Biology at North Carolina Wesleyan College, teaching a variety of courses in the ecology area.  She also currently serves as the Chair of the Mathematics & Sciences Division at the College.  Dr. Kosal previously held NCWC’s Jefferson Pilot Professorship during the 2004-2005 academic year.  This award is the highest given to a faculty member and honors teaching, scholarship, and service to the College.  Erica’s experience in the classroom and managing the division has been utilized in unforeseen ways, but has served her well.  As Erica’s husband’s health has declined over the past few years, she has had to maneuver in new waters.  She has dealt with the possibility of losing her spouse and father to her two young children, while battling insurance woes, negative physicians, and other financial issues.  Erica’s notable teaching style is highlighted as she teaches audiences about resiliency.