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Faculty and Staff Voicemail Guide

To retrieve messages from your phone:

If you have new messages: The "Message" light will be flashing. Lift the receiver or press the "speaker" button, then press the "message" button. Enter your security code when prompted. Listen for directions (or see below). If you do not have new messages: Call extension 4999. Enter your security code when prompted. Listen for directions.

To retrieve messages from off campus:

Dial 984-4999 (984, not 985.) As soon as the system answers, you may enter # then your four-digit extension then your security code. Or, enter # and wait to be prompted. (You must begin with # to access voice mail; otherwise the system will ring your extension).

To retrieve messages for one campus extension from another campus extension:

Dial 9-984-4999 and proceed as for off campus.

To skip a "greeting" and record a message immediately:

As soon as the greeting begins, press any number key.

To review/delete/change a message you have just created:

When done with your message, press any key. You will be prompted with a menu of further actions (or see below).

Voice Mail Menus (partial listing):

*: exit/cancel from any menu

Main menu:

1: listen to new messages
2: record/send a new message
3: options menu (from this menu 1, personal options, gives access to change greeting/name/code)
5: listen to saved messages

Listening to a message:

1: pause/resume listening
2: forward message to another extension
3: back up 5 seconds
4: discard message
5: save message
6: restart message
7: skip to next message
8: reply to message
9: advance 5 seconds
#: help

Recording a new message:

2: pause/resume recording
3: back up 5 seconds
4: discard recording/start over
5: send message
6: review recording
9: advance 5 seconds
0: message options menu, including receipt notification #: help