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Impact of Giving

The impact of private giving reaches across our campus and around the world. North Carolina Wesleyan College is dedicated to three tenets, Tradition, Pride, and Giving Back, The Spirit of Wesleyan. Here are just a few examples of how gifts have influenced students, faculty, staff and the campus to fulfill the Spirit of Wesleyan.

Excellence (n): The ability to function at a high or superior degree.
Honors program The Roger G. and Gaile Davenport Taylor Honors Program

“This major gift will transform our Honors Program and make it into something big and bold.” 
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Influence (n): To have an effect on.
Tiffane Bustos Tiffane Bustos (’09) 

“As scholarship donors, you have become the backbone of today’s college education. Without you, many of us would not be here today.” 
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Need (n): A condition or situation in which something is required or sought after
Chyna Laws Chyna Laws (’11)

“If it were not for the donations made to our institution, I would not have this scholarship and would probably not be attending North Carolina Wesleyan College.”
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Opportunity (n): A chance to progress or advance due to an advantageous circumstance
Jennifer Evans Jennifer Evans (’07)

“I realized how truly blessed I was, and am, for being a Wesleyan graduate. I had a wonderful opportunity to work with professors who truly cared.” 
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Dream (n): An achievement that is longed for; an aspiration, a hope
Lauren Moore Lauren Moore (’09)

Thank you, donors, for making dreams a reality! 
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Future (n) - an expectation of progressive development
Rebekah Cain Rebekah Cain (’13)

My Wesleyan experience has already shown me that there is something special about the college and the individuals who support it. I would not be on the path to success I am on today, if it were not for the generosity of those who support Wesleyan. 
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