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The Roger G. and Gaile Davenport Taylor Honors Program

Honors Program
President Gray with a few Honor Students

North Carolina Wesleyan College will greatly expand academic opportunities for highly talented students in its Honors Program beginning this fall, thanks to a gift of $55,000 from Roger G. ’70 and Gaile Davenport Taylor.

In accepting the Taylor’s gift, Wesleyan President James A. Gray III said, “This major gift will transform our Honors Program and make it into something big and bold. Over the next five years, and hopefully beyond, we expect our program will grow to include almost 100 students and serve as a major academic driver at Wesleyan.”

The Roger G. and Gaile Davenport Taylor Honors Program complements Wesleyan’s regular curriculum. Students admitted to the program take specially designed courses with other academically talented and highly motivated Honors Program students. The courses provide a greater depth of study than courses in the regular curriculum, and students must maintain a high grade point average to remain in the program.

Honors students also have special opportunities to meet visiting scholars, civic leaders, and performing artists; travel to sites of cultural, historical, or scientific importance; attend or present research at professional conferences, as well as other privileges. Students also may meet and study together in a designated Honors Program lounge.

Dr. Bill Yankosky, a Wesleyan mathematics professor who directs the 
Honors Program and works closely with its students, said, “I cannot thank the 
Taylors enough for their generous gift. Their donation will greatly enhance the
Program and allow the honors students to have new opportunities not available in the past. It is very exciting, and everyone involved with the Honors Program truly appreciates the Taylor’s commitment to this important academic program.”