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Degrees Offered

General Education Requirements

Business Administration with option to add a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

The degree in Business Administration is designed to prepare students as supervisors or managers in a number of settings to include government agencies, healthcare settings, retail stores and a number of other organizations. The curriculum offers a well-rounded educational approach the business world—emphasizing skills in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management, and organizational behavior. Students also have the option to add a concentration in Entrepreneurship. 

Organizational Administration

A major in Organizational Administration provides students with the educational background necessary to succeed in a broad spectrum of professions and is an excellent foundation for the pursuit of several advanced degree programs. This is an interdisciplinary degree that exposes students to business, social science, and humanities concepts that will provide a solid foundation in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, writing, and communication. Organizations are looking for leaders that understand work behavior, interpersonal and group dynamics as well as how to solve problems for growth and success.

Educational Studies

The Educational Studies major does not initially lead to a teaching license but would provide an entry point into the study of the multidimensional field of education. This major would be well suited for any of the following areas among others: Human Services, Day Care Owner, Day Care Teacher, More-at-Four, Community College
instructors pursuing a bachelor’s degree, Child Protective Services, Assistant Teachers, Administrative positions in education, etc. Students interested in such education-related occupations should consider the possibility of an
Educational Studies major.

Marketing (Major Completed Online)

The degree in Marketing includes a number of business courses including 24 hours specific to marketing.  Student will be prepared to pursue careers in marketing management, marketing research, advertising and promotions along with a number of other careers in the marketing field.

Accounting (Major Completed Online)

The accounting major provides students with knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles, accounting theory, and business practices necessary for rewarding personal lives, good citizenship, and professional advancement. A degree in Accounting prepares students for professions in cost accounting, public accounting, auditing, security, and financial analysis in a variety of professional settings.