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Office Hours and Staff

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Please contact our office at:

4426 S. Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: 919-465-4777
Fax: 919-388-5879

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday (10am - 6:30pm)
Friday (10am - 3pm)
Saturday (Closed)
Sunday (Closed)

Durham ASPIRE Staff


Dr. Mike Ammons, Director- - 919-465-4782



Saundra Carmichael, Manager of Operations- - 919-465-4772



Raziya Fatteh, Assistant Director, Advising and Student Services- - 919-465-4778 



Raeshel Brown, Campus Support Specialist - - 919-465-4776



DeAnne Warren, Admissions and Advising Coordinator - - 919-465-4786


Laura Heaney 

Laura Heaney, Admissions - - 919-465-4780


Durham ASPIRE Faculty

Shirley McLaughlin, D.B.A.
Associate Professor of Marketing and Finance, ASPIRE Raleigh-Durham
Nova Southeastern University
(919) 465-4781
Stan Smedley, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Business,
ASPIRE Raleigh-Durham
Pennsylvania State University

(919) 465-4788