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Course Formats

8-Week Classes

Classes are offered in a facilitated learning environment. The format is based on the facilitation of knowledge involving students in participatory activities, group discussions, written exercises, projects, and presentations. Students must expect an average of 15-20 hours of out-of-class work each week (per three semester hour course). Extensive pre-class readings and/or assignments are required.  Classes meet one night a week from 6pm-10pm.

5-Week Hybrid Classes

Courses offered in this format have the same course requirements as those offered in the 8-week format. Students will complete 5 face-to-face classes and complete additional online assignments, discussion boards, chats, etc. in our online environment between the first and last night of class. Due to the compressed nature of the class meetings, students should expect to have readings and/or assignments prior to the first class. Classes meet one night a week from 6pm-10pm.

Online Class

Online courses are offered in an 8-week sequence. For more information, click here.