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Credit Balance / Withdrawal Polices

Credit Balance Refunds

Credits that are the result of overpayments or excess financial aid will be refunded to the student by check.Traditional Day students may pick up their checks in the Business Office and checks for ADP students will be mailed to the address that we have in our system. A Refund Request from must be completed for a refund check to be issued. In additon to the request form, we must have received the funds from the various lenders and outside sources, and you must qualify for the funds.

Withdrawal Refund Policy

Registration at the College is considered a contract binding the student and/or his/her parents for charges for the entire semester. The College makes a number of financial commitments based on enrollment. Many of these commitments do not change even if students subsequently withdraw. However, in order to accommodate those exceptional situations, which require withdrawal, the College will allow prorated charges to students who follow the official procedures for withdrawing from the College. Scholarships and other financial aid will be prorated in accordance with appropriate regulations.

Withdrawal procedures

Non-attendance of class does not constitute withdrawal. Any student who withdraws from the college, regardless of the reason, must see the Registrar and complete the withdrawal process.