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NC Community College Course General Education Equivalents

Art, Music, Theatre 3 ART-111 Art Appreciation
    ART-114 Art History Survey I
    ART-115 Art History Survey II
    ART-116 Survey of American Art
    DAN-110 Dance Appreciation
    DRA-111 Theatre Appreciation
    DRA-112 Literature of the Theatre
    DRA-115 Theatre Criticism
    DRA-122 Oral Interpretation
    DRA-126 Storytelling
    DRA-130 Acting I
    DRA-140 Stagecraft I
    HUM-122 Southern Culture
    HUM-130 Myth in Human Culture
    HUM-150 American Womens Studies
    HUM-160 Introduction to Film
    HUM-211 Humanities I
    HUM-212 Humanities II
    MUS-110 Music Appreciation
    MUS-112 Introduction to Jazz
    MUS-113 American Music
    MUS-115 Orchestral Music
    MUS-210 History of Rock Music
    MUS-211 History of Country Music
    MUS-212 American Musical Theatre
    MUS-213 Opera and Musical Theatre
Biological Science 4 BIO-110 Principles of Biology
    BIO-111 General Biology I
    BIO-112 General Biology II
    BIO-120 Introductory Botany
    BIO-130 Introductory Zoology
Basic Software Skills 2 CIS-110 Introduction to Computers
    CIS-111 Basic PC Literacy
    CIS-115 Intro to Prog & Logic
Econ, Crim Just, Geog 3 CJC-111 Intro to Criminal Justice
    GEO-110 Introduction to Geography
    GEO-111 World Regional Geography
    GEO-112 Cultural Geography
    GEO-113 Economic Geography
    GEO-130 General Physical Geography
    ECO-151 Survey of Economics
    ECO-251 Prin of Microeconomics
    ECO-252 Prin of Macroeconomics
English Composition 111 3 ENG-111 Expository Writing
English Composition 112 3 ENG-112 Argument-Based Research
    ENG-113 Literature-Based Research
    ENG-114 Prof Research & Reporting
Ethics 3 BIO-140 Environmental Biology
    BIO-140A Environmental Biology Lab
    BUS-240 Business Ethics
    PHI-210 History of Philosophy
    PHI-215 Philosophical Issues
    PHI-220 Western Philosophy I
    PHI-221 Western Philosophy II
    PHI-230 Introduction to Logic
    PHI-240 Introduction to Ethics
    HUM-110 Technology and Society
    HUM-115 Critical Thinking
    HUM-220 Human Values and Meaning
Exercise Science 2 PED-110 Fit and Well for Life
    PED-111 Physical Fitness I
    PED-112 Physical Fitness II
    PED-113 Aerobics I
    PED-114 Aerobics II
    PED-115 Step Aerobics I
    PED-116 Step Aerobics II
    PED-117 Weight Training I
    PED-118 Weight Training II
    PED-119 Circuit Training
    PED-120 Walking for Fitness
    PED-121 Walk, Jog, Run
    PED-122 Yoga I
    PED-123 Yoga II
    PED-124 Run, Swim, Cycle
    PED-125 Self-Defense: Beginning
    PED-126 Self-Defense: Intermediate
    PED-127 Karate
    PED-128 Golf-Beginning
    PED-129 Golf-Intermediate
    PED-130 Tennis-Beginning
    PED-131 Tennis-Intermediate
    PED-132 Racquetball-Beginning
    PED-133 Racquetball-Intermediate
    PED-134 Wrestling
    PED-135 Fencing-Beginning
    PED-136 Fencing-Intermediate
    PED-137 Badminton
    PED-138 Archery
    PED-139 Bowling-Beginning
    PED-140 Bowling-Intermediate
    PED-141 Tumbling and Gymnastics
    PED-142 Lifetime Sports
    PED-143 Volleyball-Beginning
    PED-144 Volleyball-Intermediate
    PED-145 Basketball-Beginning
    PED-146 Basketball-Intermediate
    PED-147 Soccer
    PED-148 Softball
    PED-149 Flag Football
    PED-150 Baseball - Beginning
    PED-151 Baseball/Intermediate
    PED-152 Swimming-Beginning
    PED-153 Swimming-Intermediate
    PED-154 Swimming for Fitness
    PED-154 Swimming for Fitness
    PED-155 Water Aerobics
    PED-156 Scuba Diving
    PED-158 Whitewater Rafting
    PED-159 Sailboarding
    PED-159 Sailboarding-Beginning
    PED-160 Canoeing-Basic
    PED-160 Canoeing-Basic
    PED-161 Canoeing-Rivers
    PED-162 Angling
    PED-163 Kayaking-Basic
    PED-163 Kayaking-Basic
    PED-164 Kayaking-Whitewater
    PED-165 Sport Science As a Career
    PED-166 Sailing-Beginning
    PED-166 Sailing-Beginning
    PED-167 Sailing-Intermediate
    PED-167 Sailing-Intermediate
    PED-168 Surfing - Beginning
    PED-169 Orienteering
    PED-170 Backpacking
    PED-171 Nature Hiking
    PED-172 Outdoor Living
    PED-173 Rock Climbing
    PED-174 Wilderness Pursuits
    PED-175 Horseback Riding I
    PED-176 Horseback Riding II
    PED-177 Ice Skating
    PED-178 In-Line Skating
    PED-179 Roller Skating
    PED-180 Cycling
    PED-181 Snow Skiing-Beginning
    PED-182 Snow Skiing-Intermediate
    PED-183 Folk Dancing
    PED-184 Square Dancing I
    PED-185 Square Dancing II
    PED-186 Dancing for Fitness
    PED-187 Social Dance-Beginning
    PED-188 Social Dance-Intermediate
    PED-189 Clogging
    PED-210 Team Sports
    PED-211 New Games
    PED-212 Snowboarding-Beginning
    PED-214 Sailboarding - Intermediate
    PED-215 Outdoor Cycling
    PED-216 Indoor Cycling
    PED-216 Indoor Cycling
    PED-217 Pilates I
    PED-218 Pilates II
    PED-220 Exer for Phys Challenged
    PED-230 Shotokan Karate
    PED-231 Judo
    PED-232 Aikido
    PED-233 Ju-Jitsu
    PED-234 Kung Fu
    PED-235 Tai Chi
    PED-236 Kempo
    PED-237 Tae Kwon Do
    PED-238 Jeet Kune Do
    PED-239 Kickboxing
History/Political Science 3 HIS-111 World Civilizations I
    HIS-112 World Civilizations II
    HIS-114 Comparative World History
    HIS-115 Intro to Global History
    HIS-121 Western Civilization I
    HIS-122 Western Civilization II
    HIS-131 American History I
    HIS-132 American History II
    POL-110 Intro Political Science
    POL-120 American Government
    POL-210 Comparative Government
    POL-220 International Relations
International Studies 3 ANT-210 General Anthropology
    ANT-220 Cultural Anthropology
    ANT-221 Comparative Cultures
    ANT-230 Physical Anthropology
    ANT-230A Physical Anthropology Lab
    ANT-240 Archaeology
    ANT-240A Archaeology Field Lab
    ANT-245 World Prehistory
    ARA-111 Elementary Arabic I
    ARA-112 Elementary Arabic II
    ARA-211 Intermediate Arabic I
    ARA-212 Intermediate Arabic II
    ART-117 Non-Western Art History
    ASL-111 Elementary ASL I
    ASL-112 Elementary ASL II
    ASL-211 Intermediate ASL I
    ASL-212 Intermediate ASL II
    CHI-111 Elementary Chinese I
    CHI-112 Elementary Chinese II
    CHI-211 Intermediate Chinese I
    CHI-212 Intermediate Chinese II
    FRE-111 Elementary French I
    FRE-112 Elementary French II
    FRE-211 Intermediate French I
    FRE-212 Intermediate French II
    GER-111 Elementary German I
    GER-112 Elementary German II
    GER-211 Intermediate German I
    GER-212 Intermediate German II
    HIS-151 Hispanic Civilization
    HIS-153 Russian Cultural History
    HIS-213 Modern Europe to 1815
    HIS-214 Modern Europe Since 1815
    HIS-215 Nineteenth-Century Europe
    HIS-216 Twentieth-Century Europe
    HIS-241 Russian History to 1917
    HIS-242 Russian History From 1917
    HIS-260 History of Africa
    HIS-261 East Asian History
    HIS-262 Middle East History
    HUM-120 Cultural Studies
    ITA-111 Elementary Italian I
    ITA-112 Elementary Italian II
    ITA-211 Intermediate Italian I
    ITA-212 Intermediate Italian II
    JPN-111 Elementary Japanese I
    JPN-112 Elementary Japenese II
    JPN-211 Intermediate Japanese I
    JPN-212 Intermediate Japanese II
    LAT-111 Elementary Latin I
    LAT-112 Elementary Latin II
    LAT-141 Culture and Civilization
    LAT-142 Lit. & the Roman Republic
    LAT-211 Intermediate Latin I
    LAT-212 Intermediate Latin II
    LAT-231 Reading and Composition
    LAT-232 Imperial Literature
    MUS-114 Non-Western Music
    POR-111 Elementary Portuguese I
    POR-112 Elementary Portuguese II
    POR-211 Intermediate Portuguese I
    POR-212 Intermed. Portuguese II
    REL-111 Eastern Religions
    RUS-111 Elementary Russian I
    RUS-112 Elementary Russian II
    RUS-211 Intermediate Russian I
    RUS-212 Intermediate Russian II
    SPA-111 Elementary Spanish I
    SPA-112 Elementary Spanish II
    SPA-211 Intermediate Spanish I
    SPA-212 Intermediate Spanish II
Literature 3 ENG-131 Introduction to Literature
    ENG-132 Introduction to Drama
    ENG-133 Introduction to the Novel
    ENG-134 Introduction to Poetry
    ENG-135 Intro to Short Fiction
    ENG-231 American Literature I
    ENG-232 American Literature II
    ENG-233 Major American Writers
    ENG-234 Modern American Poets
    ENG-235 Survey of Film As Lit
    ENG-241 British Literature I
    ENG-242 British Literature II
    ENG-243 Major British Writers
    ENG-251 Western World Literature I
    ENG-252 Western World Literature II
    ENG-261 World Literature I
    ENG-262 World Literature II
    ENG-265 Thematic World Lit I
    ENG-266 Thematic World Lit II
    HUM-121 The Nature of America
Mathematics 3 MAT-121 Algebra/Trigonometry I
    MAT-122 Algebra/Trigonometry II
    MAT-142 Mathematical Concepts II
    MAT-151 Statistics I
    MAT-155 Statistical Analysis
    MAT-161 College Algebra
    MAT-162 College Trigonometry
    MAT-165 Finite Mathematics
    MAT-171 Precalculus Algebra
    MAT-172 Precalculus Trigonometry
    MAT-175 Precalculus
    MAT-223 Applied Calculus
    MAT-263 Brief Calculus
    MAT-271 Calculus I
    MAT-272 Calculus II
    MAT-273 Calculus III
    MAT-280 Linear Algebra
    MAT-115 Mathematical Models
    MAT-140 Survey of Mathematics
    MAT-141 Mathematical Concepts I
Physical Science 4 AST-111 Descriptive Astronomy
    AST-111A Descriptive Astronomy Lab
    AST-151 General Astronomy I
    AST-151A General Astronomy I Lab
    AST-152 General Astronomy II
    AST-152A General Astronomy II Lab
    CHM-131 Introduction to Chemistry
    CHM-131A Intro to Chemistry Lab
    CHM-132 Organic and Biochemistry
    CHM-135 Survey of Chemistry I
    CHM-136 Survey of Chemistry II
    CHM-151 General Chemistry I
    CHM-152 General Chemistry II
    GEL-111 Introductory Geology
    GEL-113 Historical Geology
    GEL-120 Physical Geology
    GEL-220 Marine Geology
    GEL-230 Environmental Geology
    MSC-160 Oceanography
    MSC-162 Oceanography I
    MSC-164 Oceanography II
    PHS-110 Survey of Physical Science
    PHS-111 Physical Science I
    PHS-112 Physical Science II
    PHS-130 Earth Science
    PHY-101 Fundamentals of Physics I
    PHY-102 Fundamentals of Physics II
    PHY-110 Conceptual Physics
    PHY-110A Conceptual Physics Lab
    PHY-121 Applied Physics I
    PHY-122 Applied Physics II
    PHY-125 Health Sciences Physics
    PHY-131 Physics-Mechanics
    PHY-132 Physics-Elec & Magnetism
    PHY-133 Physics-Sound & Light
    PHY-140 Physics-Mech Structures
    PHY-151 College Physics I
    PHY-152 College Physics II
    PHY-251 General Physics I
    PHY-252 General Physics II
    PHY-253 Modern Physics
Psychology/Sociology 3 PSY-150 General Psychology
    PSY-237 Social Psychology
    PSY-239 Psychology of Personality
    PSY-241 Developmental Psych
    PSY-281 Abnormal Psychology
    PSY-284 Experimental Psychology
    SOC-210 Introduction to Sociology
    SOC-220 Social Problems
    SOC-213 Sociology of the Family
Religion 3 REL-221 Religion in America
    REL-110 World Religions
    REL-112 Western Religions
    REL-211 Intro to Old Testament
    REL-212 Intro to New Testament