Veteran Students
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General Policies

It is very important that students become familiar with all the academic requirements pertaining to their programs of study. The final responsibility for meeting all academic and graduation requirements rests with the student.

Academic Policies: Students should refer to the NCWC catalog for other academic policies including grade appeals and graduation requirements.

Prerequisites: When selecting a course be sure that you meet the prerequisites for the course. The NCWC catalog includes prerequisite information. As a student it is your responsibility to complete all prerequisites for course your are registering for at NCWC.

Class Attendance: You are expected to attend every class meeting. All students are admitted to NCWC with the understanding that they are mature and responsible enough to meet their obligations for all class assignments including attendance. Punctual attendance is required for every class and laboratory session except in case of illness unavoidable circumstances or college extracurricular activities approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Faculty members can remove students from the class for non-attendance. For additional information please review the appropriate sections in the NCWC catalog.

Schedule Changes: Students may make changes in their schedule of classes by completing a Drop/Add Form which is available in the Registrar's Office, obtaining the signed approval of the academic advisor, and returning the completed form to the Registrar's Office. Students should pay particular attention to the procedural directions on the forms provided by the Registrar's Office and in the NCWC catalog. No course is officially dropped or added until the required procedure is completed.

Final Grades: Final grades for each semester are posted to the student's MyNCWC account. Official grades cannot be released over the phone, by fax, or e-mailed to the student. Official transcripts are available from the Registrar's Office.

Graduation Changes: Graduation applications are available in the Registrar's Office. Time frames for submitting graduation applications are: August graduation: April 1 – June 15; December graduation: July 1 – September 15; May graduation: October 30 – December 15.

Veteran's Benefits: NCWC is approved for education benefits for veterans participants military and other eligible students. Students eligible for veterans' benefits should contact the Business Office.

Repeating Courses: A student may retake a course to improve a grade by submitting the appropriate form to the Registrar's Office. If a course is taken for the second time the latest grade will be calculated into the student's grade point average. The original grade is not deleted from the transcript.

Academic Load: An academic load includes all semester hours for which a student registers. Any academic load that exceeds the recommended maximum load (18 semester hours) must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. There will be a tuition surcharge for each credit hour over the normal 18 semester hours.

Incomplete Grades: Grades of Incomplete (INC) may be awarded at the faculty member's discretion within NCWC guidelines. A grade of incomplete must be removed within eight weeks following the end of the semester. If the incomplete is not removed in the required time a grade of "F' will be recorded.

Withdrawal from College: Before a student may withdraw from Wesleyan, the student must complete a withdrawal form. Withdrawal forms are available in the Registrar's Office and at each ASPIRE location. Traditional students are asked to visit the Student Success Center for an exit survey.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act: The College respects the confidentially of students' record and complies with the guidelines established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. See the current catalog or the Student Affairs Office for additional information.