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What courses are offered in the Honors Program?

"The Honors Program allowed me to take more challenging and interesting courses that were not necessarily associated with my Criminal Justice and Psychology majors. Classes such as 'Cryptology' with Dr. Bill Yankosky, 'Rock and Roll as Cultural History' with Dr. Steve Ferebee, and 'Positive Psychology' with Dr. Fred Sanborn were my favorites." – Chynna Laws, Honors Program Graudate and Criminal Justice and Psychology Double Major.


In addition to the special first-year honors courses and Honors Project courses, a variety of courses are offered each semester, specifically for sophomore and junior honors students. Some recent and upcoming honors courses and the professors for them are listed below:

Spring 2015: Defining the 1960s- Steve Ferebee
                 Math and Art - Gail Stafford

Fall 2014: Exploring the Middle Ages: Literature, Film, and Popular Culture - Lee Templeton
                 Positive Psychology - Fred Sanborn

Spring 2014:  British Baby Boomers - Marjon Ames
                       China: Emerged Economic Powerhouse – Patricia Smith

Fall 2013: Conservation Biology - Erica Kosal
                 Cryptology - Bill Yankosky

Earlier courses included:

  • American History on Film
  • Biomathematics
  • Fossil Fuels, Mineral Resources and the Environment
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Knowledge Management: A Critical Introduction
  • Philosophical Foundations, History and Systems of Psychology
  • Rock and Roll as Cultural History
  • Short Story

“One favorite recollection I have has to do with the first test I gave. As Blake and Denise were leaving the classroom after that test, they both commented that it was a ‘cool test’. In all of my years of teaching, no student has ever said such a thing.” – Gail Stafford, Associate Professor of Mathematics recalling her experience teaching her “Problem Solving” honors course.

Mrs. Betsy Smoot of the National Security Agency demonstrating an authentic German Enigma Machine, made famous in World War II. Mrs. Smoot visited NCWC in conjuction with Dr. Bill Yankosky's Cryptology honors course.