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Faculty Directory

Wendy Achilles
Associate Professor of Accounting
Everett Adelman
Professor of Art, Curator - Lynch Collection of Outsider Art and Mims Gallery
Marjon Ames
Assistant Professor of History
Vivienne Anderson
Professor of English
James Bowers
Associate Professor of English, Coordinator – Visiting Writers Series
Amy L. Brake
Assistant Professor,Reference and Instruction Librarian - Elizabeth Braswell Pearsall Library
Patricia Brewer
Associate Professor of Education
Michael B. Brown
Professor of Psychology, Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs
Kathryn Carroll
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Roger Drake
Associate Professor of Theater, Chair of the Faculty
Robert Everton
Associate Professor of Marketing, Chair - Business Division
R. Steven Ferebee
Professor of English, Chair - Humanities Division
Nick Frankenhauser
Visiting Instructor of English, Director – Writing Center
William Grattan, III
Associate Professor of English
Lois Hart
Assistant Professor of Education
Sherry Holland
Instructor of Computer Information Systems
Caleb Husmann
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Kedra James
Assistant Professor of English
Jeananne Kenney
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
Erica Kosal
Associate Professor of Biology
Jeff Kuglitsch
Associate Professor of Earth Science
L. Carol Lawrence
Professor of Mathematics, Assistant Director – Teaching and Learning Center
Jacquelyne Lewis
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
Carlton Lewis
Instructor of Criminal Justice
Heather Louch
Associate Professor of Biology
Meir Magal
Associate Professor of Exercise Science
Mulugeta Markos
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Elizabeth Marsal
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Kimberly Martin
Associate Professor of Psychology
Patricia Smith
Professor of Business Administration
Shirley McLaughlin
Associate Professor of Marketing and Finance
Rachel McWilliams
Assistant Professor, Reference and Electronic Resources Librarian – Elizabeth Braswell Pearsall Library
Pamela Meadows
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Jay Quinan
Associate Professor of Psychology, Chair – Education & Social Sciences Division, and Faculty Marshall
Fred Sanborn
Associate Professor of Psychology, Director – Teaching and Learning Center
Jonathan Sarris
Associate Professor of History
Amber Sheeler
Intstructor of Accounting
Stanley Smedley
Associate Professor of Business
Patricia Smith
Professor of Business Administration
Gail Stafford
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Chair – Math/Science Division
Andrew Stern
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
John Temple
Associate Professor of Biology
Kathleen Thomas
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
W. Lee Templeton, II
Assistant Professor of English
David Walker
Instructor of Business and Finance
George Whitwell
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Amy Karnehm Willis
Associate Professor of Sociology
Kathleen Wilson
Assistant Professor of Business
Katherine Winslow
Associate Professor, Director of Elizabeth Braswell Pearsall Library
Molly Wyatt
Associate Professor of Sociology, Associate Provost
Bill Yankosky
Professor of Mathematics, Director – Roger G. and Gaile Davenport Taylor Honors Program