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The LIBERAL STUDIES degree program allows a student to design an individualized program of studies that forms a multidisciplinary major in area not covered through one of Wesleyan’s existing majors. In addition, students may choose from one of three pre-approved programs of study: Communication, American Studies, and International Studies. Students will take a required liberal studies seminar and develop a program of study with a faculty sponsor.

Individualized Programs of Study

All students’ proposed courses of study will be reviewed by an advisory committee which oversees multidisciplinary Liberal Studies program. Upon approval of the course of study, the student will work with his or her advisor to complete the work in a timely fashion. In the final year of study, students in the major will take LIB 499 Capstone Seminar during which students will synthesize work in their course of study in a variety of scholarly ways.

Preapproved Programs of Study

The three pre-approved programs of study are already established and can be taken by any student. The three concentrations include:

AMERICAN STUDIES: This program brings together multiple approaches to the study of the United States. Students concentrating in American studies will take courses from a number of disciplines, including History, Political Science, English, Religion, and Sociology that illuminate the past and present culture and various aspects of American life.

COMMUNICATION: This program of study provides broad knowledge about the nature of human communication, including organizational communication, interpersonal communication and public media. Students concentrating in Communication will take courses from a number of disciplines, including English, Entertainment/Theatre, Psychology, Marketing, and Computer Information Studies.

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES: This program of study provides broad knowledge of the social, political, cultural, and economic forces that affect the global community. Students concentrating in International Studies will take courses from a variety of disciplines, including English, Religion, Sociology, Political Science, and History.


Program Faculty Contacts

Marjon Ames, Ph.D. (History)            

James Bowers, Ph.D. (English)

Molly Wyatt, Ph.D. (Sociology)            

Bill Yankosky, Ph.D. (Mathematics)