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Mathematics and Sciences Division

North Carolina Wesleyan College invites students seeking a bachelor of science degree or a bachelor of applied science degree in North Carolina to discover the advantages of  the degree programs available here. Our programs not only provide a sound background in scientific disciplines, they include opportunities for students to develop the oral communication, writing and reasoning skills needed to research and exploration of the sciences.

North Carolina Wesleyan College’s Bachelor of Science degree programs support student immersion in fields ranging from natural and applied sciences and the health sciences to the study and teaching of mathematics and preparation for professional or graduate degrees. A student who chooses one of our degree programs in Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Exercise Science, or Mathematics will be guided by our faculty through a curriculum that promotes a life-long interest and an active role in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

Math and Sciences Division

From left to right: Dr. John Temple, Biology; Dr. Erica Kosal, Biology; Dr. Heather Louch, Biology; Dr. Pamela Meadows, Chemistry; Dr. Carol Lawrence, Mathematics; Dr. Meir Magal, Exercise Science; Ms. Gail Stafford, Mathematics; Dr. Darryl Daley, Biology; Dr. Bill Yankowsky, Mathematics; Dr. Ron Smith, Exercise Science; Dr. Jeff Kuglitsch, Geology; Dr. Ann Heilman, Physics; Dr. George Whitwell, Chemistry

The following programs are available in this division: