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The ENTERTAINMENT major is a liberal arts degree intended to introduce students to the essential elements of entertainment and theatre and requires active participation in the program’s production program. This broad-based degree exposes students to the primary elements in the field, including production, history, and literature, providing them with options to explore specific areas in the entertainment industry, and recommending courses in other programs which support students’ particular interests.

Career opportunities for ENTERTAINMENT majors:

  • Scriptwriting/Screenwriting for live or recorded productions.
  • Production Technology for facilities or theatre companies including sound, lighting, set-making.
  • Manage an entertainment facility or theater.
  • Acting and Directing shows for organizations, companies, or theatres.

Notable alumni from the Entertainment/Theatre program:

  • Clay Jackson (Class of 1996) is a professional actor and in 2000 was hired as the actor to represent the Maytag Corporation as the “Maytag Man.”
  • Kevin Corbett (Class of 1996) is a professional actor featured in the Capitol Steps, a political satire performance group, and theater manager in Washington, DC.


Entertainment/Theatre Contacts:

Roger Drake, M.F.A.
Professor of Theater
Entertainment/Theater Program Coordinator
Ohio University

(252) 985-5185

Tony Sawyer, M.Mus.
Director of Bands
Northern Arizona University
(252) 985-5112