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POLITICAL SCIENCE is the systematic study of government, political institutions and how people think about politics. Political science majors learn about political issues and how they are analyzed and described. Major political institutions, including comparative government and politics, political parties and interest groups, political research methods, and studies of the government and politics of specific countries are the core subjects of political science.

Career opportunities for political science majors:

  • Graduates with a background in political science are well-suited for political campaign or party staff.
  • Writing for advocacy magazines, newspapers, or websites.
  • Political science content and the writing intensive nature of the discipline is excellent preparation for law school.
  • Government Agencies: Working in the administration of public programs and services is also a career interest of many political science majors.

Recent graduates from the Political Science program:

  • Christian Boakye (Soccer, Class of 2012) is currently working as a Personalized Learning Specialist at Rocky Mount Preparatory School in Rocky Mount, NC.
  • John Kostet (Basketball, Class of 2012) is pursuing an international master’s degree in Political Science and works full time as an Adviser in International Affairs in Norbotten, Sweden.
  • Ashley Meadows (Class of 2011) is a Youth Counseling Associate for the Department of Public Safety in Siler City, NC. 


Political Science Faculty Contacts:

Young Hun Kim, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
Pennsylvania State University
(252) 985-5118