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The MARKETING major will prepare the student to practice marketing in a changing, competitive, global environment. It focuses on understanding customer needs, developing products or services, creating and implementing marketing plans, monitoring customer responses, and projecting marketing activities for the future. A marketing major offers a comprehensive understanding of the marketing role, including advertising and promotion, consumer behavior, retailing, Internet marketing, services marketing, market research, and strategy. The learning process is enhanced with projects, case studies, and simulations.

Career opportunities for Marketing majors:

  • Marketing majors can pursue careers in new product or service research and development.
  • Careers in product or service sales are well-suited to graduates with marketing degrees.
  • Marketing professionals work in the advertising industry to advise and coordinate advertising content for maximum sales.
  • Marketing graduates are primed for e-Commerce, a method of marketing products based on internet usage. 

Marketing Faculty Contacts:

Bob Everton, Ph.D.
Marketing Program Coordinator
Associate Professor of Marketing
Nova Southeastern University
(252) 985-5173
Shirley McLaughlin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing/Finance
Nova Southeastern University
(252) 985-4781